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EasyPLC Purchasing Options

Here is a breakdown of what we offer & how to get exactly what you need.

The EasyPLC Software Suite is comprised of the following programs:



  • EasyPLC Editor
  • Virtual PLC CPU
  • Machines Simulator
  • Machines Simulator Lite (Android systems)
  • HMI System
  • Visual Control
  • Machines Simulator VR (you will need a VR system compatible with Steam VR, such as HTC Vive/PRO, Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Valve, HP, …)


EasyPLC Programming Tutorial Package is sold separately (20€)


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The single license gives complete access to EasyPLC & Machine Simulator for one operating system of a computer, laptop, or virtual computer. This is a software given license which is not transferrable once issued to the PC it will be working on.


The USB license gives you the ability to have the software on multiple operating systems for computers, laptops, or virtual computers but requires the USB stick to be plugged into the system that is being used. It is a single-use at a time but multiple uses from access to access if you change computers a lot.


The interface board is a way to wire external I/O directly to your PC to work with EasyPLC software if real-world I/O points are needed in your system. Note: The purchase of the USB-OPTO-RLY88 board comes with a USB license to use the EasyPLC software.



EasyPLC tutorial package is a step-by-step follow-along guided system with an easy ability to open test yourself then use the EasyPLC software to check to see if the answer is correct. Over 20 easy-to-follow tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions that have been asked about purchasing EasyPLC & Machine Simulator.

How Do We Purchase EasyPLC?

Simply fill out the request form below with the license type, the number of license files needed, & if you would like the EasyPLC tutorial package as well then we will email you the quote with the very best offer you could imagine.

The Difference Between a Single Lic & USB Lic?

The single lic is for use with one laptop, computer, or virtual computer so you will not be able to use the software on multiple computers unless you have multiple lic files. However, if you purchase a USB lic then the lic file is housed on the USB stick so you can use the software on multiple computers as long as the USB stick is connected directly to the computer’s operating system.

Operating Systems Requirements?

The EasyPLC software suite works with Windows 11, Windows 10 & also easily works with VMware workstation version 15 and higher. The software works best on computers with 8gbs of memory or higher.

Is the Software License protected?

Yes, we provide a software license key to you after your purchase.

Is Support Included?

Yes, we provide support documents, videos, answer emails, & also have a forum that you can sign up to at no cost to view all updates & other helpful tips.

Register at our Forum: EasyPLC forum

Are EasyPLC & Machine Simulator Different?

When you purchase EasyPLC, you get the machine simulator along with it because EasyPLC & machine simulator work hand & hand with each other.

Can I use it on Multiple Computers?

Yes, if you have the USB Lic.

On a side note, if you just get the single license instead of the USB license then you are restricted to only one computer, and the license is not transferrable to another computer unless the USB drive is present and readable.

There are two options to choose from below for which license you would like to buy.

What PLC Software Is Required?

There is no plc software needed to use EasyPLC software suite because it comes with its own programming software. With that being said, EasyPLC is often used with all major brands of PLC software like Rockwell Automation, Siemens, & CodeSys for example using an OPC topic.

How to Get the EasyPLC Tutorial Package?

The EasyPLC tutorial package is only provided if you requested it to be provided & is only 20 euros more than the standard order price, however, is well worth the cost because of the level of knowledge shared in the tutorial package.

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