EasyPLC Tutorial Package

Take your PLC training to a new level by bridging the gap of real-world machines to a virtual environment to teach PLC programming.

A safe & effective way for PLC training.

The complete solution for PLC Programming learning!

Ok! now you have the EasyPLC Software Suite, but now what is the next step?

If you are a student or do not have experience in the world of PLC programming, a good first step would be to use EasyPLC Programming Tutorial Package, with this tool you will learn how to use PLC programming languages, with exercises and their solutions.

Easy PLC Tutorial Package offers a complete set of 20 exercises with solutions, where the most used programming techniques in the world of automation are used, you will learn to use the different types of programming languages: Ladder, logical function blocks, Grafcet, Script, IL

In addition, we will use the tools that you must know and master to be a good programmer: use of segments, coils/contacts with feedback, use of timers, counters, registers, calls to functions, data queue management, sequencing, …

The exercises are classified into three levels of difficulty, easy, medium, and difficult. All the exercises are written with EasyPLC, and you can simulate them with the virtual environment of Machines Simulator. All the solutions to the exercises are explained in detail.

From the same tutorial program, you can launch both the EasyPLC logic program and the Machines Simulator simulation environment, by pressing only a couple of buttons.

Whether you are a newbie or an advanced professional programmer, you can use these exercises with solutions to master the world of simulation/emulation of EasyPLC automation!